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Episode 2, “The Trap of the Illusionist’s Face (The Trap of Illusionist Faceless Mage)”

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They’re all gone. There really was something missing in me.

But what is it? What’s missing?

What should a duelist be burdened with?

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Episode 139

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Raph vs The Chimney  (~‾⌣‾)~

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I feel you girl, your mind powers make my head hurt as well. 

First of, do I like April O’Neill as a character? Yes, I do. Do I think she is pretty gosh-darned badass? Yes, she is. Does how she is written, however, tend to annoy the flying fuck out of me? Yes, yes it does.

Jumping right in, in my my humble opinion, the deus ex machina that is April’s unexplained, undefined and ever-growing mental abilities is turning out to be a far too overused trope.

For those unaware, deus ex machina is basically a trope defining every super-convenient coincidence that solve conflicts without having to actually solve the pesky conflict.

April’s mind-powers are such deis ex machina. And it annoys me.

The fact that she can suddenly and far too easily blow up a creature with a yell and a bright light, removes a lot of tension from the episodes.

Unbelievably large and frightening monster? No problem, O’neil will suddenly and inexplicably use her mind to blow it up, probably just as she is about to get eaten!

Everyone are take down and we are wondering how on earth this can end well? Nah son, April will scramble the fucker and wrap the episode up neatly in the last 2,5 minutes - with time to spare for fluff at the end.

The show keeps pushing how “she is a full-blow kunoichi”, and how she doesn’t need help or protection.Then, why do they keep resorting to her weird mutant powers instead of letting her kick actual butt, hands, feet or tessen-on?? None of the boys need mental powers to determine their  worth in combat, why would she? Surely, her professionally trained skills must be just as valuable as Casey’s “punch things till they stop punching back”-techniques?

It is understandable that her powers are an important plot-point, and that it is necessary to establish that they are growing in strength,and having her defeat ever-growing enemies with her abilities, is a good way to do exactly this. But April mind-bending every enemy she faces into oblivion is, to say it frankly, boring. 

Like in this week’s episode; “Buried Secrets”, I was looking forward to seeing Raph, Casey and April (and as the episode progressed, only April) beat that thing down with their own hands and clever thinking. Like they even aired the idea of putting the thing back in stasis. That would have been so awesome to watch. Instead? I look at the time left and think fuck, they’re going with the April-mind-thing again, aren’t they?

Guess what, they did.

Predictability is the last thing a show should have. I do hope it picks up.

Other than that, though, I loved the episode!

ALL OF THIS. Honestly, it took a lot away from the episode. I was so hoping she, Casey, and Raph would take it down with their own hands like you said. That would’ve been much better imo.


Dear whomever took this photo and posted it: thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I really needed a high-quality dose of Halloween cute today. 

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Okay, I have to say this.

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Yeah I don’t like this incarnation of her so far, that being one of the reasons besides she seems almost borderline sue-ish sometimes.